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Q1 2022 smaller updates ☃

by Hubert Grzesiek on April 07, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 brought a lot of bigger product updates mentioned here before. We have also worked on the more minor updates related to either iteration of feature release, customer feedback, or our discovery. We have put all of them below. 

Updates to our Data Push and API

👉 We have made it possible to fetch all of the metadata of all your data push tasks via /list-data-push-tasks API endpoint. It's the same information as the one from within our app in the Integrations > Data Push section. You can find more information in our API documentation.

👉 We also support pushing JSON format to AWS S3, supplementing the already existing CSV format. You can find information about the data format on the data push task detail page.

👉 One more minor update to those using our API and data push tasks. We will now return the primary key per data source. This is especially useful for data warehouses, where you would like to understand what set of data source columns identifies a row within.

Data sources and general improvements

👉 Small but powerful update to the profiles data source. It now includes a column containing the complete set of groups to which the profile belongs. It enables metrics that want to aggregate results per group and thus allows groups to be used as a kind of "label" for profiles.

👉 The expiry date is no longer mandatory when generating a new interactive link. You can share and access the interactive links indefinitely. 

👉 Finally, if you create a link for someone to authenticate the profile, you will be notified via email once the task has been completed.

Q2 and beyond

We hope that you liked this format and we will continue bringing more of those smaller updates to light in a quarterly fashion. We have quite a few big updates coming up too so watch this space.

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