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New LinkedIn reactions 👏

by Hubert Grzesiek on June 23, 2020

You will now find a breakdown of LinkedIn reactions on posts. These are: Like, Celebrate, Love, Insightful and Curios reactions! Besides the break-down, we still offer the overall reaction count, which is simply the sum of all 5 reaction types.

We added a new default metric to our Discover section and new columns:
Reactions Distribution
Posts Table has the reactions break-down columns hidden by default.
Key Metrics Table also has the reactions break-down columns hidden by default.

You can find all the changes on the data source level in our changelog. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Hubert Grzesiek

Hubert is a Tech and Product enthusiast with over 17 years of experience spanning from Startups, Ecommerce, Creative Agencies, SaaS and more. Currently he is leading Product Marketing and Content team at Facelift.

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