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Introducing Facebook Reels - a Full House ♠

by Hubert Grzesiek on December 23, 2022

We are happy to announce that Facebook Reels analysis is now available. This update completes the Reels picture within the Meta products, adding to Instagram Reels, which we released a few months prior. Let's dive in 👇 .

What are Facebook Reels, and why are they important?

According to Meta - "Reels on Facebook are a short-form video format complete with music, audio, AR effects, and other options. You can watch Reels from creators and make your Reels to share with friends and the world. Bear in mind that Reels cannot be turned off."

Facebook is still the most popular network in terms of users, and it is significant for the older generation of audiences. So if your target audience includes those demographics, you heavily rely on Facebook. Reels are a new post type to connect to your audience, especially for people who are not on Instagram or TikTok. Looking at other networks, Reels and other video formats usually come with higher engagement compared to other post types.

Facebook Reels data at quintly 

To get started, please authenticate your Facebook account to gain access to Reels data. Since Facebook Reels have no connection with Instagram Reels and have a new set of metrics, we have decided for a dedicated data source: facebookInsightsReels. The data you can track varies from likes, reactions, and shares followed by post video average time watched and total time watched to more technical aspects (width, height, and source). You can find all of this documentation in the above-mentioned data source.

In a true quintly fashion, we have also added some default metrics to get you started:

More video data

The video format has been on the rise for quite some time now. At quintly, we ensure you have the right tools to determine its performance. Facebook Reels joins a rather large set of video data sources and, as always, will fit perfectly with your reporting needs. 

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Data New feature

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