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Interactive reports now available via API

by Hubert Grzesiek on September 22, 2022

A sought-after update to our API will allow you to create share links via new endpoints. A very useful feature for our clients/partners integrating with quintly via API

Shared interactive report links

One of our core shared features allows users to share dashboards in an interactive format. We always believed that when it comes to data, it is crucial to give the end viewer ability to zoom in on the information they are looking at. App users were able to take advantage of managing the links for quite a while, so we are happy that our API users can do it programmatically now too.

New API endpoints

To manage the dashboard share links, we made four new endpoints available: listing all shared links, creating, updating, and deleting share links. Creating and updating come with parameters, including timeframes, password protection, and expiration options. You can find the whole list of features in our API documentation. We have more exciting news coming, so stay tuned 🙇 .

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