Instagram comments for authenticated accounts

Today we are excited to announce the availability of a new data source holding the comments on posts of your authenticated Instagram accounts. This data set enables completely new insights into the feedback of your users.

What information is available?

With this data source you have access to comments and their replies on posts of your authenticated Instagram accounts.

Instagram supports comment threads to better organize the discussion. Comments nested in a thread below another comment are called replies. Please note that there is no reply to a reply and nesting is limited at the second level. This data source holds both comments (first level) and replies (second level).

You have access to the following information per comment/reply:

  • Publishing time: The date and time this comment/reply was published
  • Post relationship: Identify the post this comment/reply belongs to
  • Comment relationship: If this comment is a reply to another comment, you can identify the comment it belongs to
  • Username: The username of the comment author
  • Account answer: A flag indicating if this comment/reply was made by the author of the post this comment belongs to (helpful for customer care analysis and response time measurement)
  • Text: The text of this comment
  • Mentions: The @mentions within the text
  • Hashtags: The hashtags within the text
  • Hidden: A flag indicating if this comment/reply was hidden by the account owner of the post this comment belongs to
  • Likes: The number of likes this comment/reply got

Please find the complete documentation in our data sources section in quintly.


With this release we have created default metrics for you to start:

You can expect additional default metrics to be available in Discover in the next few days.

Are there any limitations?

As of now this data source includes comments and replies made in an organic context only. Paid context commenting is something we will explore further for a future data source focusing on promoted posts and their comments and replies.

Account owners have several options to moderate the discussion. This includes blocking users from commenting and the ability to delete or hide individual comments and replies. Obviously comments that were deleted will not be returned in this data source. Hidden comments will be listed with the appropriate flag set.