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Improved custom notes on metrics

by Hubert Grzesiek on October 11, 2022

Recently we have updated a metric component, custom notes, that allows users to leave metric-specific messages visible on the dashboard level. Thanks to this improvement, we have made the storytelling aspect of a single metric more accessible. Let’s dive in.

Describe what you see

To add a note to the single metric, click on the “+Notes” button in the footer of the metric. An additional popup with a simple WYSIWYG editor will show up. Once you have created your metric, click “Save”, and the newly created custom note will appear in the footer. You can always modify or delete them if you wish

Publish and deliver your personalized findings

The most beneficial aspect of improved custom notes is in metric and dashboard sharing. Custom metric messages are widely supported by all our sharing (interactive reports) and export options (image formats, pdf, excel, CVS, and Powerpoint). Thanks to this inclusion, data analysts can attach their insights or descriptions on the metric level to anyone who is the end user. I hope that you will find this update helpful.

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