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First update to our profile management 💪

by Hubert Grzesiek on June 27, 2019

The first part of the bigger update to the profile management section is a transition to a new-look interface that paves the way for some powerful new features. You can see below you now have a better overview of profiles, being twice as efficient with space. Also, next to each profile it shows if it is added to a group.

The bigger update which is coming soon will include some very helpful features. To get a small glimpse of what's coming to the profile management they are listed below:

  • Allowing multiple insight connections per profile which improves redundancy
  • Disconnected insights will be easier to find
  • A completely new section to see who has authenticated which profiles
  • Implementing uses cases for better understanding when connecting to insights

If you have any questions or notice anything buggy please reach out to our customer success team at support@quintlycom or via live chat.

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Hubert Grzesiek

Hubert is a Tech and Product enthusiast with over 17 years of experience spanning from Startups, Ecommerce, Creative Agencies, SaaS and more. Currently he is leading Product Marketing and Content team at Facelift.

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