Automate post tagging


A couple months ago we released post tagging to support the analysis of your campaigns in quintly. So far posts could be tagged manually. Today we are enabling you to automate that process based on simple rules.

To get started, log into quintly, go to Tags > Tag Manager and click into the tag you would like to automate. Click "New rule", then specify what profiles should be considered and when to tag a post based on its publishing time and the words within the post text. You can configure the automation to include any future post by setting the end date to forever.

Once set up, the system will first tag all matching posts from the past and then continuously apply the rule whenever new posts come in or existing ones update.

To have full transparency into when a post got tagged you can find the most recently tagged posts on the tag detail page and when hovering a tag within the Post tags section.

We are excited to have this feature released. Let us know about feedback by reaching out to our support at