🥇 quintly now supports IGTV!

We are happy to announce that quintly has added IGTV to its data source collection. It was especially sought after by a lot of our clients and we are very thrilled to deliver it to you just one day after the official release (as of 16th of March 2021). This update brings both public and private data from IGTV. Let’s dive in 😀.

Data sources

instagramTvPosts - Holding public information about IGTV videos of Instagram Business or Creator Accounts, including interaction rate, comments, likes, and follower counts.

instagramInsightsTvPosts - Holding information about IGTV videos of Instagram Business or Creator Accounts with all their private statistics attached. It includes the above plus reach, engagement, number of times saved, impressions, and more.

Those data sources do not include regular posts (covered extensively by other sets) or Reels (they are not yet available).


As always, we have created some default metrics to get you started. What is important to mention is that no existing metrics are affected by this update, so no review on your side will be required.

This was one of the most requested features/data points by our customers and we are happy to deliver it so quickly (huge thank you to our team 👏👏👏). Happy analyzing!